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2.5mm Electric Wire Cable Copper China Supplier

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2.5mm Electric Wire Cable Copper China Supplier

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 Brand Name


2.5mm electric wire — This type is our main product. We are exporting electric wire for many companies in the world. Our factory has a history of 70 years and is a trustworthy enterprise of China! If you have special requirements, we can also produce customised services. Let us know what you need.


Product Description

PVC Insulated Wire and Cable of Rated Voltage up to and Including 450/750V


Type, designation, and standard


Description of the purpose and usage properties

The product listed is applicable for power installations, fixed wiring and connection of electrical appliance of rated voltage up to and including 450/750V.

The maximum long-term permitted operating temperature of the cables with the type of 227 IEC 07 (BV-90),227 IEC 08 (RV-90),AV-90,AVR-90 or RVP-90 and AVP-90 shall be 90℃, and 70℃ for all the other types of cables. The ambient temperature of installation of the cable shall not be less than 0℃.


Production scope


Note: The optional flame-retardant or fire-resistant types of the cables listed are also available.




The delivery length of the cable is 100 meters in coil, and at least 100 meters in reel. The short end of not less than 10 meters shall be permitted in delivery, and the length of short ends shall not be more than 10% of total length of each delivery.

Any delivery length shall be permitted in accordance with the mutual agreement of the purchaser and the manufacturer.

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