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Digital Intelligent Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor P914

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Digital Intelligent Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor P914

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1. Overview
The P914 is a pyroelectric infrared sensor that integrates a digital intelligent control circuit and a human body detection sensitive element in an electromagnetic shielding cover. The human body sensing sensor couples the sensed body motion signal to the digital smart integrated circuit chip through a very high impedance differential input circuit. The digital smart integrated circuit converts the signal into a 15-bit ADC digital signal when the PIR signal exceeds the selected digital valve. The value will have a timed REL level output.
2..the characteristics
Digital signal processing, low voltage, low power consumption, and work instantly after startup.
Two-way differential very high impedance sensor input
Second-order Butterworth bandpass filter with built-in infrared sensor to shield input interference at other frequencies
Sensitivity, timing time, illumination sensor Schmitt REL output.
3. Performance parameter
1. Maximum Ratings (Any electrical stress that exceeds the parameters in the table below may cause permanent damage to the device.)
Parameter symbol Minimum Maximum unit Note
Voltage Voo -0.3 3.6 V
Operating temperature Tst -20 85 ℃
pin limit Into -100 100 mA
storage temperature Tst -40 125 ℃

2.Working conditions (T=25 °C, V DD = 3V, unless otherwise specified)
Parameter symbol Minimum Typical Maximum unit Note
Voltage VDD 2.7 3 3.3 V
Operating temperature IDD 12 15 20 μA
Sensitivity threshold VSENS 120 530 μ V
Output REL
Output low frequency LOL 10 mA VOL < 1V
Output high frequency LOH -10 mA VOH >(VDD-1V)
REL low level output lock time TOL 2.3 S Not adjustable
REL high output lock time TOH 2.3 4793 S
Voltage input range 0 VDD V Adjustment range between 0V and 1/4VDD
Input bias current -1 1 μA
Enable OEN
Input low voltage VIL 0.2 VDD V OEN voltage high to low threshold level
Input high voltage VIH 0.4VDD V OEN voltage low to high threshold level
Input Current LI -1 1 μA VSS < VIN < VDD
Oscillator and filter
Low pass filter cutoff frequency 7 Hz
High pass filter cutoff frequency 0.44 Hz
Oscillator frequency on the chip FCLK 64 KHz

3. Output voltage waveform

4. Transmission spectrum of window material

5.Detection angle

6. Size angle bitmap(mm)

7. Application circuit

8. Precautions
●When there are stains on the window, it will affect the detection performance, so please pay attention.
● The lens is made of a weak material (polyethylene). When a load or impact is applied to the lens, malfunction and performance deterioration may occur due to deformation and damage, so avoid the above.
● Failure to apply static electricity of ±200V or more may cause damage. Therefore, please pay attention to the operation, avoid touching the terminal directly by hand.
●When soldering a wire, solder the soldering iron at a temperature of 350 ° C or less and soldering within 3 seconds. When soldering through a solder bath, performance may deteriorate, so avoid it.
● Please avoid cleaning the sensor. Otherwise, the cleaning liquid may intrude into the inside of the lens, which may cause deterioration in performance.
● When using the cable wiring, it is recommended to use shielded wires to minimize the influence of interference.

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20-30 days

  Supply ability

10000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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