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Double Color Rubber Sole Mold

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Double Color Rubber Sole Mold

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The double color rubber sole mold is used to produce double color rubber soles and accessories for soles. Work with the shoe injection molding machine. The soles made by this mold are wear resistant, durable and cost effective. During the production of the soles, the rubber is cast in molds and is given the desired shape at high temperatures. The two types of pigments will not mix with each other during sole production, which makes the soles created by the double-colored rubber sole mold bright and vivid.



(1) The position of the injector is accurate with the help of the rotation of the worktable.

(2) It can work as an automatic part of the rubber shoe injection machine. (3) The double color rubber sole mold can work well even in a bad working environment.

(4) The production of soles is more precise thanks to the designs of our mold.

(5) The mold opening is fast and stable.

(6) The molds work flexibly.

(7) The designs are environmentally friendly.


(1) The double color sole mold is made of aluminum alloy from a famous brand from Guangdong Province, which makes the molds more durable.

(2) With more than 10 years of experience in the production of molds, we have a research and development team that optimizes our molds for double color rubber sole. Due to its high quality, our molds have gained a good reputation both inside and outside the country.

(3) A series of strict inspections are carried out for the double color rubber sole mold. The molds are tested 4 times before being put into production, so they guarantee the proper functioning of the sole production.

(4) We have service centers all over the world. Customers can go to the nearest service center for repairs, maintenance and technical inquiries.

(5) To expand our market, we offer customers the high quality double color rubber sole mold at a low price, which gives the customer more benefits than other manufactures.


ColorDouble Color
MaterialAluminum Alloy
Mold StyleOne pair per mold
Mold sizeL (350-450) × A (180-280) × A (100-275) mm
Mold weight35-80 kg
PackagedCardboard / Box
ProcessCNC / Fused
Production temperature175 ℃ -220 ℃
Delivery time20 days after confirmation of wood molds
Life span> 5 years


(1) The molds for double-colored rubber soles must be maintained periodically.

(2) Remove objects from the molds.


(1) Delivered by sea.

(2) Payment method by L / C or T / T.

The double color rubber sole molds are easy to handle. They work with the foam injection machine, which presses molten rubber into the molds at high temperature. Our molds have to be rigorously tested several times. Even at 400 ° C, the double-color sole mold can remain deformation-free and work well.

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  Supply ability

10000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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