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Electrophoretic Coating Line

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Electrophoretic Coating Line

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Waste water, exhaust air, and solid rejectamenta produced by traditional painting technology have polluted and destroyed our living environment. Liush developed a new coating treatment way, Water-based Paint E-coating Line, which can satisfy anticorrosion, decoration, function requirement and environmental protection.

‚óŹ Advantages of Cathode Electrophoresis

1. Using water paint to reduce the harm to human and atmosphere.

2. Using closed circulation Making zero-emission and zero-pollution.

3. Preventing fire risk and ensuring the safety production.

4. Reducing costs. The paint utilization rate can reach to 99%.

5. Overcoming the Faraday Effect.

6. Being capable of coating evenly, adhering firmly.

7. Being capable of adjusting thickness of paint film.

8. Being capable of accomplishing the multi-color painting.

9. With longer working life of products.

10. With high anticorrosion performance.

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