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JTM-2621 CNC Full Automatic Glass Cutting Machine

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JTM-2621 CNC Full Automatic Glass Cutting Machine

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Main Features

1. It is widely used for cutting the building glass, automobile glass, furniture glass, craft glass, decorative glass, cabinet glass,spell mirror glass and so on.

2. It has function of lifting glass, cutting glass and breaking glass. One machine equals three machines.

3. It has features of small occupied area, easy safe operation, high working efficiency, high precision, less manpower, moving freely in the workshop. It has very high performance.

4. It could move freely under remote control, could cut straight line and curved line.

5. It could find the glass and vacuum the glass, lift the glass, then cut the glass automatically. It is the replacement of the glass loading machine, cutting machine and breaking machine. It reduces the labor intensity and of the workers. It guarantees the worker safety.

6. It has advantages of small investment and high benefit.

7. It adopts the imported electric pneumatic components, which guarantees the cutting accuracy and cutting stability.

8. It could cut the glass with any shapes. With the intelligent cutting machine layout optimization software, it improves the cutting rate and the utilization rate of the glass, lowers the production cost.

9. With automatic lubricating function and automatic constant pressure regulating function, it guarantees the cutting stability and cutting effect.

Technical Parameters

Working voltage 380V 50HZ can be customized
Maximum lifting glass size 2600x2100mm
Lifting glass thickness 2~19mm
Input power 6KW
Air compression 0.6~0.8Mpa
Vacuum pressure -70~90Kpa(Adjustable as per the glass thickness)
Loading cycle 20-40 seconds
Maximum cutting size 2440x2000mm
Cutting thickness 2~19mm
Cutting speed 0-130M/min
Linear parallelism ≤±0.25mm/m
Diagonal accuracy ≤±0.55mm/m
Machine dimension


Weight 2600KGS
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