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LED Solar Flood Light

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LED Solar Flood Light

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1. Energy: led solar flood light is the use of natural light source, reducing the consumption of electricity;
2. Safety: led solar flood light do not use AC, using the battery to absorb solar energy, the low-voltage DC into light energy, there is no security risks;
3. Environmental protection: Solar street lights without pollution, no radiation, in line with the concept of modern green;
4. Intelligent control: led solar flood light with intelligent controller to control, according to 1d sky natural brightness and people in a variety of environments need to automatically adjust the brightness of the lamp Brightness;
5. Durable: Solar panels can generate power for 25 years or longer, and the solar dedicated lithium battery reduce the volume weight can be use for 5-7 years;
6. Low maintenance costs: Only need periodic inspection and minimal maintenance workload,maintenance costs are less than conventional power generation system;
7. Installation of building blocks: The installation of flexible and convenient, user-friendly according to their needs to select and adjust the size of solar led solar flood light;
8. Independent power supply: Off-grid operation of solar street lights with power supply autonomy, flexibility, Saving a lot of wiring construction costs;
9. Suitable for outdoor, street, community, park, river and so on.


Light source:EpistarEpistarEpistarEpistar
Battery Capacity:7800mAh10400mAh13000mAh18200mAh
Work time:12hours12hours12hours12hours
Charging Time:5-6hours5-6hours5-6hours5-6hours
Led chips:25pcs40pcs60pcs96pcs
Irradiation area:40m270m280m2120m2
Light Size:18*14cm18*14cm22.5*18.5cm28.5*23.5cm
Solar panel size:34.5*23cm34.5*23cm34.5*36cm34.5*43cm
Switch:Sensor light+Remote control
Waterproof rating:IP65
Shell materinal:Aviation cast aluminum+toughened glass
Usage:1. Tunnel, Subway, Underground Lighting;
2. Gymnasium, Sports Stadium Lighting;
3. Building, Billboard Lighting;
4. Gas Station, Garage Lighting;
5. Park, Garden Lighting;
6. Workshop, Factory Lighting;
7. Warehouse, Storage Lighting;
8. Yard, Square Lighting;
9. Road,Highway Lighting;
10. Station,Dock Lighting etc.

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5000 pcs/week

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