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PP Electrode

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PP Electrode

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It is produced by using PP new raw materials without adding any recycled materials and fillers, so that the welding rods are kept in excellent quality, not embrittled, and have good flexibility, so that the welding rods and PP sheets can achieve excellent welding results.
Color: white, gray, black and other colors can be set.
Features: The surface is smooth and flat, with advantages such as flame retardancy, insulation, moisture resistance, heat insulation, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, no deformation, anti-light, anti-fading and weather resistance.
The PP plastic welding rod has no impurities, high hardness and good toughness, and can be reused on both sides, that is, environmentally friendly and recyclable, and the surface damage can be repeated and reused many times. Because the texture of the seesaw is hard, the cutter pressure can be evenly distributed. Solve the problem of burrs, customers can respond well, can extend the life of the cutting machine, not easy to damage the blade, can reduce the company’s cost.
Provide a variety of color PP plastic welding rods, PE welding rods, for the welding of plates and tubes of the same material.

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