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Poly-Baked Sheet

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Poly-Baked Sheet

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PP (poly-baked) sheet is made of excellent equipment and technology plus new materials to ensure stable quality. The excellent smoothness and flatness of the surface of the sheet makes the sheet smooth and flat without deformation. The PP sheet produced by our company does not add recycled materials and fillers in the production, so that the board meets environmental protection requirements, is non-toxic, and reduces at least the human body and the environment.
PP sheet features:
It has low density, easy welding and processing, and has excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance, non-toxicity and odorlessness. It is one of the engineering plastics that meet environmental protection requirements. The main colors are white, micro-machine color, other colors can also be customized according to customer requirements.
PP sheet application range:
Widely used in chemical, mechanical, electrical and electronic industries and other structural materials and acid and alkali resistant equipment, environmental protection equipment, waste water, exhaust gas discharge equipment, washing towers, clean rooms, semiconductor plants, semiconductor clean rooms, waste water emissions, acid Alkaline solution tank, absorption tower, air duct, PCB plating equipment, metal plating equipment, plastic plating equipment, electrolyzer, filtration equipment, acid and alkali parts processing, etc. And related industrial equipment, is also the material for the manufacture of plastic water tanks, of which PP thick plates are widely used in stamping plates, punching mattress board building templates and fireproof board templates.
PP board specifications:
Thickness: 3mm~100mm
Specifications: 1220x2440mm 1500x3000mm Special specifications can be customized for any length.
PP sheet (3mm-30mm) PP thick board (35mm-100mm)
The color of the PP board is generally used for the original color (milk white), beige gray (beige), green, blue, porcelain white, milky white, translucent, and can also be customized for other colors.

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