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Professional Plastic Rubber Large Deformation Strength Testing Machine

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Professional Plastic Rubber Large Deformation Strength Testing Machine

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Main uses

Tensile testing machine is suitable for testing of metal and nonmetallic materials, such as rubber, plastic, wire and cable, optic fiber cable, safety belt, belt, leather composite belt, plastic section, waterproof roll, steel pipe copper,sectional material, spring steel, bearing steel, stainless steel , castings, steel plate and steel.

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Test items
Extrude, compression, bending, shearing, stripping, tearing, two-point extension

Performance parameter indicator
Maximum load10KN (Different specifications of sensors have different precision)
Effective test width400mm(can be widened)
Effective stretch space800mm(can be higher by customer requirements)
Force measurement precisionWithin±0.5%
Displacement measurement accuracyWithin±0.5%
 Test speed range0.01~500mm/min
Overload protectionMore than 10% of the maximum load, automatic machine protection
Deformation measurement accuracyWithin±0.5%
Mainframe size1200*530*1800mm(L * W* H)
Power supply220V
Power 0.75KW
Packed weight300Kg
Equipment function


1.Automatic zeroing
2.Auto return
3.Automatic disk saving
4.The testing process, measurement, display and analysis are all finished by microcomputer
5.The data and curves are displayed dynamically with the experimental process.
6. Experimental results can be re analyzed with arbitrary access.
7.After the test is completed, the force and deformation data of the test curve can be found at point by point. 8.Program control and mechanical dual protection function;
9.Overload protection function;
10.Emergency shutdown function;


Host feature
The import photoelectric encoder is used to measure the displacement. The controller adopts the embedded single chip microcomputer structure, and thpowerful measurement and control software is built in. It integrates the functions of measurement, control, calculation and storage.It has the function of automatically calculating the stress and elongation (to add the extensometer), tensile strengtand modulus of elasticity, automatic statistical results, automatically recording the force value or elongation of the maximum point, breaking point, the specified point, the dynamic display of the test process and the test curve by the computer, and the data processing, after the end of the experiment.


Testing platform
The microcomputer hardware platform can accurately collect and process data in real time. The interface of measurement and control is gentle, intuitive, clear and clear, and easy to operate.

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