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Roller Blinds

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Roller Blinds

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Manual shutter is widely used in all kinds of places because of its beautiful and simple, economical and practical, strong and durable structure, especially for small area Windows, small glass curtain wall shading. When the curtain is raised, it is so small that it is hard to see. When the rolled fabric is put down, it can make the indoor light soft and avoid direct sunlight, so as to achieve a good shading effect. In particular, the white coated fabric can effectively adjust the indoor temperature and reduce carbon emissions.

As one of the high quality and common sunshade products, manual shutter has a variety of fabrics for users to choose in order to meet different sunshade needs. But it is usually called sunshine fabric (see-through fabric) and shading fabric.

Company products introduced automatic ultrasonic cutting technology, cutting fabric size more accurate, the finished product processing better flatness

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