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TGZDW High Frequency Switching Power Supply DC Screen

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TGZDW High Frequency Switching Power Supply DC Screen

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Scope of application

This product, as a high-voltage switch, is suitable for 10-500KV substations, power plants and high-rise buildings, residential areas and other distribution rooms, as well as small self-owned power plants to relay protection. It can automatically operate, control of power supply and accident lighting power supply. At the same time, it can also be used in other places where DC power supply is needed.

This product conforms to the standard ZBK45017-90 General Specification for DC Screen Used in Power Network System, DL/T459-200 Technical Specification for DC Power Supply Panel (Cabinet) Ordering and LS (W) 30-40JT Technical Conditions for Controlling DC Power Cabinet by Huizhou Machine, and so on. The product quality reaches the leading level in China.

The charging device of the product can be provided with a high frequency charging module and a phase controlled charger.

The emblem controller of this product can be controlled by PLC and single chip.

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