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TYBW-40.5F European Wind Power Box Substation

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TYBW-40.5F European Wind Power Box Substation

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TYB□-40.5F/0.69 series wind power generation box substation (hereinafter referred to as box transformer) is a kind of special equipment which increases the 0.6-0.69kV voltage from wind turbine to 35KV and connects to grid and output. This product is a new product developed by our company in case to the large capacity and high protection of offshore wind farm.

Conditions of use and environment

Altitude not exceeding 1000m;Environmental temperature: -45 ℃ ~ 45 ℃;Relative humidity: the daily average is not greater than 95 and the monthly average is not greater than 90;Installation site, field free of fire, explosion danger, conductive dust, chemical corrosive gas and violent vibration, if exceed above condition, user can consult with our company

Product characteristics

High-voltage switchgear, transformer, low-voltage switchgear trinity, strong complete set, low damage, low noise, superior performance, the box body adopts anti-theft structure;High and low voltage protection perfect, safe and reliable operation, simple maintenance; the connection scheme is flexible and diverse;High voltage generally adopts load switch-fuse combined electrical protection, fuse one phase fused, three-phase linkage release, load switch vacuum, sulfur hexafluoride and other types can be optional, can be equipped with electric operating mechanism to achieve automation upgrade; The fuses are high voltage current limiting fuses, with impactor, reliable operation and large breaking capacity. The main technical parameters are shown in the table below. The vacuum load switch is recommended for high voltage load switch, the spring operating mechanism is operated by AC220V, the box transformer protection device and light and heavy gas interface can be added, and the fuse, lightning arrester and live display device are arranged according to the capacity of transformer. Vacuum interrupter and isolator for combined electrical appliances there is a reliable mechanical interlock between the earthing knife gate and the ground knife brake. Only when the vacuum interrupter is in the opening state can the isolating knife gate and the grounding knife gate be operated, and the isolation knife gate and the grounding knife gate can be linkage. The tripole linkage is the release device of the fuse, and the fuse used is the firing pin fuse. The impactor can directly break off the load switch to ensure that the failure can be quickly cut off.Low-voltage side of the main switch using universal or intelligent circuit breaker, selective protection.Select low-loss, oil-immersed, fully sealed TS9, TS10, TS1 series transformers, can also choose resin insulation or NOMEX paper insulation type of environmental protection dry-type transformer, the bottom are equipped with cars, transformers can be easily in and out.The outer material adopts non-metal environmental protection box body, anti-corrosion and anti-salt fog. Also can choose compound plate, stainless steel plate and so on.Box Transformer Substation can be based on user requirements, high and low pressure side add operation corridor.

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