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Three Links

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Three Links

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A tee is a type of pipe joint that is used at the junction of the main pipe and the branch pipe. Also known as tee, it is widely used in pipeline systems that transport liquid gases. Due to the impediment of the transport medium, the tee can be divided into: cast iron, cast steel, plastic, glass, etc. Plastic pipe fittings are increasingly used in the application market due to their unique performance advantages. Among the plastic pipe fittings, polypropylene has stable performance, reasonable price, high cost performance, continuous improvement of production process, enhanced performance, and is accepted by more and more customers, and is widely used in various fields.
Classification of three links:
According to the pipe diameter: three-way, three-way, three-way;
According to the form of branch pipe, it is divided into: three-way, three-way;
According to the connection method, it is divided into: butt welding tee, socket tee, hot melt socket tee.
The production process of three links:
Injection molding: the raw materials are filled, filled, cooled, demoulded and other four stages, molded pipe fittings.
Molding: Also known as press forming, this method is to place the raw material in the mold, and by means of pressure and heat, the material is melted and filled into the cavity to form the same product as the cavity. The molded pipe member is obtained by heating, solidifying, and demolding after cooling.
Molded pipe fittings have high dimensional accuracy, good repeatability, smooth surface, high pressure bearing capacity, high production efficiency and easy mass production. Injection molded pipe fittings have small pressure bearing capacity and combined with wire and wave pattern.
Welding forming: For some tees with large wall thickness, volume and weight, or tee fittings with special requirements from customers, they can be manufactured by welding.
Polypropylene and polyethylene pipe fittings are all referenced to the standard production of HG20539-92. Non-standard can be hand-made according to the drawings.

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