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Touch Screen Coffee Vending Machine

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Touch Screen Coffee Vending Machine

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Product basic information:

1) Slide type design, coffee production area, raw material storage area, delivery area isolation, prevention of poisoning and secondary pollution of food.

2) Built-in ice making system to ensure the ice drinks tastes.

3) Instant heating system, can save power.

4) Professional detail design, coffee taste and quality comparable to professional storefront;

5) 43inch ultrahigh definition capacitive touch screen.

Application :

Can automatically sell hot and ice coffee and other drinks in commercial places, such as Ice Americano, Espresso, Cappuccino, Late, Milk tea, Chocolate, Orange juice, etc.

This machine is widely used in various kind of commercial places, such as hospital, school, cinema, shopping mall, restaurant etc.

Products detailed information:

Products outlook:

  1. Machine parameters:
Gross weightAbout 250KG
Power230V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ or 230V/60HZ
Water①   72L(4barrels*18L) Automatically switch another barrels when one lack of water; ②2 kind syrup(2L per syrup)
Ingredients canister8 Canisters (6 for powder, 2 for coffee beans)
CupsAround 120 to 200pcs cups(12oz)(cup quantity be optional)
LidsAround 200pcs
Heating waysInstant heating system (standby module only cost about 2-3 kw-h per day and about 0.03 kw-h per cup)
Ice making systemBuilt-in ice making system
Advertisement display:43”/4K ultra high definition capacitive touch screen
Other functionFood safety( 1. Disposable packaging consumables, 2. Auto add lids covering, 3. Customers only can pick up product after lids are added, then they can’t touch in making area to prevent poisoning and secondary purchase pollution,  4. It’s convenient to pick up and prevent falls;)

a.Outlook and insects-resistant design

1. Sealing design for insect’s prevention, then there won’t be exposed hole above ground around 25cm.

2. The holes in the back of machine are added insects-resistant net.

3. There are no acute angle to avoid injuries for customers.

b. Machine feet and transportation

1. Each machine has 6 adjustable machine feet bearing heavy weight up to around 250kg/foot, It can avoid damage in the process of moving the machine and protect the safety of human.

2. Size: 730mm(W)*730mm(D)*1960mm(H) Space: around 0.5㎡;45 machines for 40 feet container; 21 machines for 20 feet container. And there won’t be extra space to keep machines safety during the transportation.

C. Machine clean

Our screen is designed with tempered glass and frameless capacitive touch screen to simplify clean with wet towel.

D. Design referred to human body

Our patent for cup slide design isolate the area of making coffee and of which customers can touch. This can avoid secondary pollution and malicious poisoning. (This function can keep drinks safety)

Touch capacitive screen rotary sliding screen selection method provides customers with different feelings. Our 4K Ultra HD screen keeps a clear picture in close-up view.

Coin refund place is designed refer to human body feature and action habit, then there won’t be any problem to take out coins

Auto cup dispensing and lid covering system and pick-up way: We add special design to avoid scald and simplify picking up for customers. Meanwhile, our auto lid covering system and all materials such as cups, lids can’t be touched by customers to keep drinks safety and avoid secondary pollution and malicious poisoning. (This function is to keep drink safety)

Products functions:

a.Inside clean

All disassembling spare parts can be cleaned without tool, and it is easy to clean all places in machine without blind angle.

Meanwhile we make drop protection and professional circular wind moisture resistant.

b. Slim machine with high capacity

Two kinds of 2L/5L syrup. Many professional drinks require syrup to enrich the taste, while sucrose is not easily soluble below 20 degrees. Most of the ice drinks on the market use fructose (ie syrup). (You can put 2 different syrups such as vanilla, caramel, etc.)

Water capacity-72L(4*18L) Customers can customize the quantity of water barrel depending on the request. Our machines have automatic switch functions. (it can make out about 200 cups drink)

6 canisters for ingredient powder (hold about 1.5-2KG), 2 canisters for two different kinds of coffee beans (about 2*2 KG), All ingredients can be made out about 200 cups drink.

There can be placed about 120 to 200 cups(12oz) (cup quantity is optional) and 200 lids. Our machine can automatically dispend cups and covers lids to avoid secondary pollution and malicious poisoning etc.

C. Built-in ice making model and instant heating system

1. Hard ice will be circularly stored about 2.2KG. There only be +-15g ice tolerance for each cup. (Many machines in the market have +-50g tolerance). We don’t have the problem of half cup ice of the first cup in the morning.

2. Instant heating system won’t heating during machine standby, only heat when making drink. And it will support continuous making drink. (Our machine can be used in high altitude places at about 3500 m, such us Tibet)

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